22 Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

bridesmaid proposal ideas

Your bridal party is an essential support system for you on your wedding day. They’ll help you get ready and be by your side as you say, “I do.” Since it’s such a pivotal role, you want to ask your loved ones to join you in the most memorable, fun ways possible.

Many brides dreaming of and planning for their wedding day use thoughtful gifts to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” If you aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve gathered 22 bridesmaid proposal ideas to help. Whether you want something sweet and affectionate or lighthearted and cute, you’ll find inspiration below.

How to Ask Friends to Be Your Bridesmaids

You should assemble your bridal party at least nine months before your wedding day, ideally sooner if anyone will need to travel from out of town. But you want to suggest the idea in a sentimental way. For ways to ask a potential bridesmaid to be part of your big day, consider these 22 bridesmaid proposal ideas.

1. Bridesmaid Proposal Candy Boxes

Give your potential bridesmaid a sweet gift with a customized box of candy. You’ll find a lot of pre-packaged options to use for your bridesmaid proposal ideas. They’ll feature thoughtfully designed gift boxes and candy packaging, giving you lovely ways to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding. A gift with multiple packages of candy can write out, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the boxes or bags with these ideas:

  • Your future bridesmaid’s favorite candies to show how well you know her.
  • Champagne-flavored treats to mark the celebratory occasion.
  • Heart-shaped candies to honor the loving occasion of your wedding and your bridesmaid proposal.

2. Bridesmaid Proposal Baked Goods

Put homemade love into this gift or request help from a local baker. Either way, these bridesmaid asking ideas are another sweet option. Put together a treat box with a few baked goods and pop the question. Which baked goods you offer your loved one will depend on what they like and what you can make or want to buy. Some sweet bridesmaid proposal ideas with treats include:

  • Cookies with “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or similar ideas written in icing.
  • Cupcakes decorated with your wedding colors and your proposal.
  • Macarons with your question on them in edible gold writing for an indulgent treat.

3. Custom Wine Labels

Pop the question and a bottle of wine with this approach to asking bridesmaids to do the honor. Order custom labels with your bridesmaid-to-be’s name, your request and your name. You can order different ones depending on how many loved ones you’re asking to join your bridal party, like the maid or matron of honor and bridesmaids. Then, add the labels to their favorite wines and get ready to celebrate.

4. Personalized Wine Glasses

bridesmaid wine glass idea

Pair personalized wine glasses with your custom wine labels or offer them as a thoughtful and fun gift on their own. Depending on your loved ones’ styles, you can either gift wine glasses with their initials or full names. You can even select sparkling wine flutes instead of wine glasses if it suits your crew’s tastes better. Have everyone bring these gifts on your wedding day to get a memorable behind-the-scenes photo of everyone saying “cheers” with what you used to pop the bridesmaid question.

5. Bridesmaid Shot Glasses

If your bridal party will be full of party people, give them shot glasses instead of wine glasses. These would make excellent bridesmaid proposal gifts for anyone who collects shot glasses, too. You can either personalize the gift with their names or go for punny sayings like:

  • Take a shot at being my bridesmaid!
  • Take a shot and help me tie the knot!
  • Give it a shot and be my bridesmaid!

6. Bridesmaid Coffee Mugs

Give your bridesmaids what they need to recover after nights of celebrating, from your bachelorette party to your wedding. A personalized or “bridesmaid” coffee mug is a practical gift that will also serve a sentimental purpose for years to come. Want to enhance this gift even more? Include a bag of your loved one’s favorite coffee brand or roast.

7. Bridesmaid T-Shirts

Order custom-printed tees to make your bridesmaid asking ideas a reality. Choose colors and fonts that suit your group’s styles and get shirts that say “bride” and “bridesmaid.” These gifts let you pop the question and have something to wear when you eventually go out for your bachelorette party. If you want to splurge a little more, you could opt for custom denim jackets or zip-up hoodies instead of a tee.

8. Bridesmaid Socks

If you and your “I-do” crew will be lounging around for an adult slumber party to celebrate — whether for your bachelorette party or just for fun — make it more comfortable. Bridesmaid, maid of honor, matron of honor and bride socks are cozy ways to invite your loved ones to join your wedding party. Combine this gift with bridesmaid tees for a loungewear look that celebrates your bridesmaids-to-be.

9. Bridesmaid Dress Hangers

If you’re sure your loved ones will say yes, get custom dress hangers with everyone’s names and their roles printed on them. These hangers make fun ways to ask bridesmaids to be part of your wedding, but they’re practical, too. Everyone can hang their dresses on customized hangers to tell them apart on your wedding day. Even after your special day, your bridal party can use and cherish this gift.

10. Personalized Satin Robes

bridesmaid robe idea

Pamper your potential bridesmaids with customized satin robes. Again, this is another sweet and practical gift, as your bridal party can don the robes when they get ready on your wedding day. You can even get a matching one in white for yourself. When you order these personalized bridesmaid proposal ideas, you have different options for the colors, so consider the following.

  • Complementing your wedding theme: If you know what your wedding’s theme will be already, gift a personalized bridesmaid robe that complements or matches it. As long as the color matches your future bridesmaid dresses, you can set up adorable getting-ready photos. Everyone can pose in their robes with their dresses close by before getting dressed.
  • Matching the bridesmaid dresses: Maybe you’re far enough into the planning process that you know what color you want your bridesmaids to wear. Order robes in a matching shade to introduce your loved ones to what they’ll wear on your wedding day. The color will tie everyone together, perfect for photos on your big day of everyone getting ready.
  • Picking everyone’s favorite colors: Whether you have a wedding color scheme in mind, personalized robes in everyone’s favorite colors show how well you know your loved ones. A rainbow of different robe colors will represent how various people in your life are coming together to support you on your special day.

11. Luggage Tags

If you’re planning a destination wedding or your bridesmaids will need to travel for your special day, gift them luggage tags. Faux leather designs are stylish, thoughtful and practical, perfect for any bridal party members who need to fly for the occasion. Choose a different color for everyone in your bridal party, so there are no luggage mix-ups to worry about.

12. Personalized Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or you’re staying local for your celebration, your potential bridesmaids will have a lot to carry with them to get ready. Personalized tote bags are cute and practical ways to ask your loved ones to be a part of your bridal party. They can use the gift to carry their hair and makeup supplies. And, with the personal touch of their names on every bag, everyone can keep track of their items.

13. Customized Makeup Bags

For another practical gift your bridesmaids can use on your big day and after, give personalized makeup bags. Gift ones that say “bridesmaid,” “maid of honor” or “matron of honor,” or order personalized ones with everyone’s names. Your bridal party will then have a thoughtful gift to keep their makeup or supplies in for your wedding day. You can even combine this with a matching tote bag for more bridesmaid asking ideas.

14. DIY Spa Kits

The wedding planning process might be stressful, but with your bridal party by your side, you can take a deep breath and relax. When you ask your loved ones to be in your bridal party, gift them a DIY spa kit and plan to get together with everyone you asked. That lets your bridesmaids meet each other if they haven’t yet, and it gives you the chance to celebrate and relax with your crew. Add goodies like these to your bridesmaid proposal gift:

  • A lip balm and scrub set
  • Sheet masks
  • Undereye masks
  • Lotions and moisturizers

Put those and other self-care items in a customized makeup or tote bag to combine gifts and make something practical and sentimental.

15. Nail Polish Gift Sets

Even if you’ll plan manicure appointments for you and your crew before the wedding, this is still among the cute ways to ask bridesmaids to be in your wedding. Assemble individualized boxes of your loved ones’ favorite colors, or create a nail kit with polish, files, hand cream and other goodies. Add personalized labels that say, “I know you’ll nail it as my bridesmaid!” for a thoughtful bridesmaid proposal idea.

16. Personalized Lockets

If you want sentimental ideas for your “Will you be my bridesmaid?” moment, get gorgeous lockets for your loved ones. Whether you go for classic heart shapes to show your love or adorable books or envelopes, you can add a slip with your question inside. You may even find jewelry shops that offer to make a personalized note on materials like wood, metal or paper for a beautiful addition to your gift. Decide if you’ll ask your bridesmaids to wear these necklaces on your special day, as well.

17. Ring Dishes

While your marriage proposal involved a ring, your bridesmaid proposal ideas can include a ring dish instead. These convenient trinket and jewelry holders are a perfect gift on their own or to complement a jewelry bridesmaid proposal gift. Whether you personalize them or find bridesmaids ones to give to your crew, they’re sure to appreciate the gift. You could also give personalized trinket or jewelry boxes for a similar effect.

18. Bridesmaid Ornaments

If you’re having a winter wedding or you’re asking your loved ones to be your bridesmaids around the holidays, use an ornament to pop the question. Get a glittery ornament customized with “bridesmaid,” “maid of honor” or “matron of honor,” depending on who you’re asking. Wrap the ornament in a festive holiday gift box and ask your loved one if they’ll join your wedding party when they open the gift. This bridesmaid proposal gift is thoughtful and practical, giving your loved one a sentimental gift to display.

19. Bridesmaid Candles

bridesmaid candle idea

For yet another practical bridesmaid proposal gift idea, customize a candle. Whether you choose an all-natural soy option or a scented variety, your bridesmaids-to-be are sure to love the gesture. Pick a scent that reminds you of each loved one or find their favorite aromas in candle form for a personalized gift.

If you have neat handwriting, you can use a glass marker and customize the candles yourself after removing the existing label. If not, plenty of artists sell customized candles and labels online. Add a cute question like, “Will you light up the aisle with me?” or, “You light up my life! Will you be my bridesmaid?” on the jar or an attached card. You can also include a customized lighter or box of matches with “bridesmaid” or your wedding date.

20. Bridesmaid Picture Frames

Give your loved ones practical bridesmaid proposal gifts they can display year-round with picture frames. Add a gift tag or card or have the frame personalized with a saying like, “I can’t picture my wedding without you!” You can then print your favorite photo of the two of you to put in the frame.

After your wedding, give them a photo print of you both on the big day to frame, so they can fondly remember the occasion for years to come. To pick a perfect frame color that they can easily display anywhere in their home, consider these options:

  • A white frame is simple enough to match various home decor and evokes a wedding color scheme.
  • A gold frame stands out, marking how memorable the occasion is.
  • A silver frame complements different decor and will help your picture stand out.

21. Bridesmaid Journals or Planners

Bridesmaids — especially a maid or matron of honor — play a crucial role. Help your bridal party stay on track with personalized journals or planners. They can mark down key dates, like dress shopping, your bridal shower and your bachelorette party. They can also create to-do lists to make event planning and organizing easier. Include a personalized touch like a luxury pen to treat your bridesmaids to a memorable proposal gift.

22. Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

Add this to any of the gifts on this list or give a thoughtful card on its own to accompany your question. If you’re unsure how to ask someone to be your bridesmaid, let the card speak for you. Include your question on the inside or the cover. Consider adding a thoughtful note about how close you and your loved one are and why you want them to be with you on your special day. Other than the sentimental note, your bridesmaid proposal card can include:

  • Personalized calligraphy on the cover
  • Your question hidden under a scratch-off heart
  • Illustrations of your wedding flower

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