Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

wedding ceremony decor ideas

The most significant part of your wedding day is your ceremony, specifically the moment you make your grand entrance and walk down the aisle. You’ll have all eyes on you and your ceremony space while you make your way down the aisle, say your vows and exit the venue as newlyweds.

Planning a wedding includes a lengthy checklist. Start with the essential to-do items you need to complete in advance, like securing your venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, catering, bartenders, clothing, cake and floral.

It’s exciting to check off these pivotal to-dos, but as you get closer to your wedding day, you may realize you need to tackle many little details before the big day. You have a theme and a vision of what decorations you want for your ceremony, but it’s time to execute your wedding day goals.

What are your ceremony decor ideas? Designing your venue is essential because this is where you will become a married couple, and you’ll have copious amounts of photos taken.

Ceremony Theme Decoration Ideas

When you plan your wedding, you start to envision all the elements you want to include, contributing to an overall wedding theme that sets the tone for the day. If you need some decoration ideas to help nail down your dream motif, check out these creative ideas that can transform your ceremony space into your dream wedding.

wedding ceremony theme decoration ideas


For your day filled with happiness and love, having a romantic wedding is very appropriate. This dreamy style has couples head over heels for their wedding decor. Work with delicate lighting, an abundance of florals and soft colors to make your romantic theme come to life.


Vintage decor’s charm can give off a unique vibe for your wedding day. You can take inspiration from beloved decades like the roaring ’20s or ’50s Hollywood glam. You can find so many fun decor pieces for vintage wedding themes. Shop at antique stores, use weathered wooden furniture and top it off by driving away in a vintage car.


For those who want to incorporate nontraditional decor on their wedding day with bold colors and an elegant flair, a whimsical theme will be perfect. Your wedding will be full of quirky details and give off a bohemian vibe. You can include decorations like colorful floral arrangements, an array of furniture with different textures and other accents.


Add elements with dramatic lighting, sleek lines and minimal design for your modern-themed wedding. Couples only follow a few rules while implementing this motif. You can put a modern twist onto elements like your gown, floral and decor.


Push the boundaries on traditional wedding looks by using an alternative wedding theme. The typical wedding may seem too cookie-cutter to some couples, and adding your unique twist to your wedding can make your day memorable. For example, add moody hues throughout your decor instead of bright flowers to match your personality.


If you adore dreamy greenery and woven fabric decorations, a boho wedding theme will win you over. One of the best parts about a bohemian motif is how many dresses can match it. Highlight your boho dress with elegant touches, like whimsical flowers, gemstones, flower crowns and macrame accents.


The popular barn-style weddings encompass the look of rustic weddings. If you love decorations like Mason jars, string lights, lace and wood, stick with a rustic theme. This chic and dreamy wedding style is ideal for DIY brides and gives off a romantic and homey feel.


Are you looking to have a traditional wedding with black-tie attire? Design your big day with over-the-top wedding decor — think lavish centerpieces, plated dinners and extravagant wedding cake. You may want guests to wear floor-length gowns and tuxedos to match the formal theme.


Couples getting married on the beach or at the lake can plan a nautical theme for their wedding. You can use various marine-inspired designs in your wedding decor. Incorporate the staple navy-and-white color scheme throughout your decor with sailing details.


You and your spouse-to-be love each other to the moon and back, so show off your adoration with your celestial-themed wedding. Stars, moons and galaxies will be prominent in your decorations. The sky’s the limit when designing decorations for a celestial theme. Think about the dreamy vibes you’ll get from a galaxy-inspired cake or table cards shaped like crescent moons.


You can make anywhere feel like paradise with some tropical decor. For a tropical-themed wedding, focus on implementing bright colors, exotic flowers and palms. You can even include some beachy drinks at your bar to make your guests feel like they’re on vacation.


Weddings taking place in November, December and January have an ideal opportunity to incorporate a holiday theme. You can make your day feel like a winter wonderland with pine trees, candy canes, faux snow, twinkling lights and glittery ornaments.

Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

As you’re planning what decorations you will use for your big day, focus on your ceremony aisle. Your wedding ceremony will be one of the most pivotal days in your life, and creating a beautiful environment will make your walk down the aisle memorable.

The aisle is the first thing your guests will see once they enter your ceremony space. You don’t have to splurge on decorations for your ceremony, but you will have many photos from this moment. You’ll want the space to match your wedding theme and enhance you and your gorgeous bridal gown.

wedding aisle decoration ideas

You can add as much or as little wedding decor as you like for your ceremony aisle. The venue or ceremony space may have existing elements you can enhance with simple decorations or transform to be entirely yours. You can find design inspiration for your dream wedding ceremony with the following wedding aisle decor examples.

  • Petals: Use flower petals to line your aisle before your flower girl tosses more on your walk down. Petals are an easy way to add more color. You can line both sides or scatter them down the entire aisle.
  • Candles: Create a dreamy and romantic ambiance with some candlelight. Lining your ceremony aisle with candles will look beautiful inside and outside. If you’re worried about having open flames near your wedding dress, substitute LED candles for a similar look.
  • Decorate your chairs: Add various decorations to the ceremony chairs lining your aisle. You can tie sashes around the backs of the chairs or small floral arrangements.
  • Reserved signs: If you want to designate select seats or aisles for special guests, hang “Reserved” signs that match your other aisle decorations.
  • Custom aisle runner: Add some color with an aisle runner. Stick with a solid color or customize one side with your names, the wedding date or any graphic element you want.
  • Greenery: Keep your decor simple, with greenery garland lining your ceremony aisle. Greenery can make elegant decor for an array of wedding themes.
  • Decorate the aisle entrance: Make a statement right away by placing tables with photos, floral arrangements, signs and other decorations. You can even add a large print of your favorite engagement photo on an easel for guests to see before they take their seats.
  • Rugs: Different rugs along your aisle can be a unique modification on a traditional runner. Various patterns and materials can match any wedding theme and make for gorgeous photos.
  • Lanterns: Scatter lanterns along your aisle for lighting looks. Use uniformly sized lanterns or mix and match with heights. You can add wooden lanterns for a rustic vibe or metal lanterns for a modern theme.
  • Wooden planks: If you’re hosting your wedding outside or on a beach, craft a walkway of wooden planks to serve as the aisle. If you’re walking with heels on soft ground or sand, a solid platform will be a big help, so you don’t lose your footing or sink into the ground.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

Planning an outdoor wedding lets you work with abundant natural elements. Hosting your ceremony outside almost guarantees a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. Say your vows in a wooded area, your backyard, the beach, a garden or another glorious outdoor space, and find decorations that pair well with your location.

Get inspiration for your outdoor wedding ceremony with these ideas.

outdoor wedding ceremony decor ideas

  • Keep it minimal: The scenery may be all the decoration you need for your wedding ceremony. Simple decor items like candles, greenery and some flowers can enhance the beauty of the outdoors.
  • Floral welcome sign: Drape flowers and greenery over a wooden or acrylic welcome sign and place it at the venue entrance for your guests to see before the ceremony begins.
  • Fans: When you host your wedding outside during the spring or summer, it’s best to prepare for hot weather. Treat your guests with custom paper fans on every seat, so they can stay cool and enjoy your ceremony. You can buy fans that match your color scheme or customize them with your names and the wedding date.
  • Ceremony benches: It’s traditional to use chairs for ceremony seating, but mix it up for your outdoor wedding. Use benches to transform your ceremony seating.
  • Wine barrels: Wine barrels are versatile as outdoor wedding decorations. You can use them as tables for your guest book, cocktails, flowers and more. Wine barrels will look great in a rustic theme wedding.
  • Outdoor furniture: Add an outdoor lounge section for guests to relax and take in the beauty of the outdoor space. You can rent different types of outdoor furniture, use furniture from your venue or bring your own.
  • String lights: String lights can set a romantic mood during your outdoor ceremony. Drape lights over top of the aisle, between trees or along the backs of ceremony chairs.
  • Swings: Outdoor swings can create some romantic photo opportunities for a newlywed couple. Also, you can take a break from all the standing and relax for a moment.
  • Picket fence signs: Give your guests directions to your venue with a cute picket fence sign. These look adorable outdoors, and you can personalize them with flowers, greenery and other materials.
  • Gazebo: If there is a gazebo on the property, use it to your advantage. You don’t have to add a lot of decorations for a gazebo to look picturesque. Even if you don’t host your ceremony there, it will look beautiful in photos taken before or after.
  • Blankets: As the sun sets, the air might become cooler, and your guests can get chilly during an outdoor wedding. Set up a cute blanket station for guests who get cold. You can also use blankets to decorate your aisle or drape them on the backs of chairs.

Indoor Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

An indoor wedding is perfect all year long if you don’t want any stress about the weather on your wedding day. You can transform a room with simple wedding decorations or use elements in the room where you’re hosting your ceremony.

Use some of the following ideas for your indoor ceremony.

  • Chandeliers: Enhance your room lighting by adding jaw-dropping chandeliers in your ceremony room. If your venue lets you add as many as you like, you could even space them out down the ceremony aisle.
  • Fireplace: Especially during the chilly months, use an existing fireplace for a gorgeous backdrop during your ceremony. You can decorate the mantel with floral garland and photos of you and your spouse.
  • Large windows: Some venues will have striking floor-to-ceiling windows for your ceremony space. The natural lighting and exhilarating views will allow you to stick with simple decorations for your ceremony.
  • Uplighting: Lighting can change a room’s mood, and uplighting for an indoor ceremony will be a nice touch.
  • Staircase: Walking down a grand staircase to your ceremony will be a dramatic entrance. You can decorate the railings with ribbons, flowers and greenery.
  • Curtains: Drapery and curtains look great at the altar, the ceremony entrance and hung across the ceiling.
  • Marquee letters: Stand out with large marquee letters that spell out your names. Place these as a backdrop or the ceremony entrance.
  • Large potted plants: Bring outdoor elements to your indoor ceremony with large potted plants.

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