Your Ultimate Guide to 2018 Wedding Trends

2018 wedding trends
You’ve dreamt of this day for many years, and now the time has come – you’re going to be a bride! Naturally, you want everything to be breathtakingly beautiful to represent the love you share with your soon-to-be spouse. You also want your wedding to be unique, fresh and enjoyable for guests. So, where do you start?
Though many wedding traditions have not changed over time, contemporary trends emerge every year. Newly engaged couples can expect to see a focus on guests in 2018. Brides and grooms want their friends and family to have a ball and remember their day just as much as they will. Decadent custom cakes, vibrant colors and intoxicating textures and scents will be popular choices for weddings to come. If this sounds too extravagant for your taste, smaller more casual weddings are also expected to rise in popularity.
In general, wedding planners are steering away from lots of white and heading in the direction of design that feels organic and alive with color and spontaneity. For those who prefer subtlety, you'll have no trouble planning a 2018 wedding either – romance and elegance are always in style.
To help you get started with planning your big day, check out our ultimate guide to 2018 wedding trends. From popular decor choices to contemporary cake designs, we will inspire you to plan a wedding that lets your personality shine while also being unforgettably stylish.

2018 Wedding Style and Decor Trends

No wedding is complete without a coherent style and theme. Here are four of the most popular d cor trends projected for 2018 weddings.
1. Elegant Charm
If you've always dreamt of a lush, romantic wedding that sparkles at every turn, an elegant wedding style might be the way to go. Classic details like soft-glowing candlelight, rose petals and crystal accents will never go out of fashion. However, 2018 welcomes copper and marble decor as elegant wedding must-haves, as well.
using marble at weddings
Since ancient times, marble has been adored for its clean, elegant appeal, and it's coming back with a vengeance this year. Copper can also be traced back to prehistoric times, and its reflective surface and reddish color make it a gorgeous alternative to silver or gold when placed next to twinkling lights. Treat guests to a luxurious table set with copper or marble dishware, or a combination of both. You can also cover tables with soft blue fabric to enhance their subtle beauty.
Another popular decor choice for elegant 2018 weddings will be transparent decor. Objects like clear acrylic chairs, hanging glass globes and glass or crystal flower vases lend a dreamy, airy quality to the overall look.
Other trendy elegant decor ideas include:

  • Shimmering, ruffled or velvet linens
  • Soft-toned florals
  • Mirrors and other reflective surfaces
  • Gold or silver-dipped balloons
  • Potted plants with overflowing floral arrangements

2. Rustic Romance
Rustic weddings have been in fashion for years now, and the trend continues to grow. Some couples want to share their joy in a timelessly beautiful setting – a spot in nature. Imagine saying “I do” deep in a green forest next to a bubbling stream – pretty romantic, right? It's easy to see why couples want to celebrate their love outdoors.
Outdoor weddings that incorporate lots of organic elements like wood, plants, stone and water create a warm, inviting and simply beautiful atmosphere. For a rustic wedding that's abundant with romance, consider adding these items:

  • Handmade pieces
  • Mismatched mason jars and milk bottles for floral displays
  • Chalkboards or wood slices for the food menus
  • Plaid, green or neutral-toned linen
  • Wildflowers
  • Vintage centerpieces or dishware
  • String lights
  • Rope accents
  • Wreaths

3. Bewitching Bohemian
Does your love feel wild and free, yet deeply understood? Are you and your soon-to-be spouse bohemians at heart? If so, a bohemian-style wedding with a modern twist might be the perfect look.
A bohemian wedding may invoke images of dreamcatchers and feathers. While these do make great decoration choices, let us suggest a new take on a traditionally airy look. In 2018, black is back and makes an enchanting backdrop for rich, vibrant colors.
black is back for weddings
Make guests feel spellbound with decorations such as black candles, black lace or black ribbons. Use black tablecloths and top them with autumnal floral arrangements for color that pops. Moody-hued flowers will be a hit in 2018 and could easily fit into a bohemian color scheme.
If you're not a fan of heavy dark colors, that’s OK. A bohemian style invites an eclectic look where you can pair old with new. For example, geometric shapes are another 2018 decor trend. Try mixing modern design with vintage accents in the same color scheme to create visual interest.
Some bohemian decor ideas you can play with to find the look you want include:

  • Wildflowers and garlands
  • Jewel-toned decor
  • Peacock feathers
  • Lace
  • Exotic tapestries and linens
  • Succulent gardens and terrariums
  • Moroccan lanterns
  • Pendant lights
  • Crystals and geodes

4. Playful and Whimsical
If you're more like Alice in Wonderland than Cinderella, you probably want a fun, casual wedding. In 2018, playful, colorful weddings are becoming more popular. The key to a successfully whimsical wedding is to try not to mismatch too much and make sure to include romantic elements. One tip is to decorate your wedding as you would your home, no matter what the theme is. You'll want a cohesive look, even with a playful theme.
One decor touch that will be a hit in 2018 and fits great into a light-hearted theme are custom neon signs. Do you and your significant other both love lyrics from the same song? Consider having a few words written out in neon. Or, simply have your names written together.
Here are a few decor ideas for a 2018 wedding full of quirkiness:

  • Vibrant colors or a vintage color scheme
  • Candy buffet
  • Vines or garlands
  • Colorful lanterns and light strands
  • Pinwheels
  • Tea party accents


Top 2018 Wedding Color Schemes

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is all about the mood you want to set. If you want an elegant look, dusty colors are going to be a big hit in 2018. If you're going for a casual bohemian vibe, jewel-tones will do. Or, if you want high-drama, black, gold and white will see rising popularity in the coming year.
For example, bohemian color schemes use a mix of deep, rich colors and earthy neutrals. Experts suggest choosing between the following color schemes for a bohemian look:

  • Taupe, teal, cream, papaya and pale green
  • Cranberry, pumpkin, butterscotch, plum and sky blue
  • Merlot, navy, jade, mauve and scarlet
  • Ruby red, sage, aubergine, marigold and cream

For a wedding that's fashionably elegant, consider one of these 2018 color combos:

  • Navy blue and dusty rose or mauve
  • Dusty blue, gray and pink
  • Gold and mauve
  • Gold, burgundy and navy blue
  • Dusty rose, sage green and cream
  • Gold, black and white
  • Powdery pink and gold

Looking for another way to select a trendy 2018 color for your wedding? If you're looking for something less subtle and a bit unconventional, choose Pantone's color of the year.
2018 color of the year at your wedding
Pantone is a world-renowned authority when it comes to color and a predictor of fashion color trends. Every year, Pantone chooses a “Color of the Year.” In 2018, it's Ultra Violet.
Purple is mysterious, creative and electrifying. You can expect this color to be widely used in 2018. Why not incorporate it into your wedding color scheme? Tone it down with neutral colors like creams or whites, or create a monochromatic color scheme with rich plums and pale lilacs for a look that's ethereal.

New 2018 Wedding Invitation Trends

Continuing with the focus on guests, trendy 2018 wedding invitations are styled with a handwritten, heartfelt elegance opposed to an impersonal and generic design. However, not all of us have the time to hand-make each card, nor have the budget to hire artists to do so. So, is it still possible to achieve an individualized touch?
Consider using styles that look handmade or draw the eye with brilliant graphics. If you're creative, don't hesitate to take any of these card-making ideas into your own hands:

  • Envelope Liner
    When your guest opens the card, the first they'll see is the inside of the envelope. Why not use this space as an instant eye-catcher? Card designers are catching onto this trend and expect its popularity to climb in 2018.
  • Calligraphy or Handwritten
    One-of-a-kind handwritten invitations with ornate, flowing letters are gaining popularity. These types of invitations let guests know right away your wedding is going to be unique, and they'll expect attention to detail.
  • Watercolor
    Watercolor is naturally soft, lovely and romantic, making it an excellent choice for your invitation style. Choose a design and color scheme that fits the overall look of your wedding.
  • Custom Monograms
    Design a monogram that's personal and represents something special about your soon-to-be spouse. A thoughtful monogram can be used on napkins, dishware, balloons and essentially any decor items you wish.
  • Graphics
    For a contemporary and nontraditional look, make guests eager to RSVP with bold geometric shapes and vivid graphics.
  • Maps Build up the hype with hand-drawn maps guiding guests to wedding-day destinations. They'll get a peek at the locations they’ll be visiting, and you can have fun adding all the details.
  • Metallic
    Gold, silver and copper foil is going to be a popular choice in 2018. Its ultra-glam appeal makes this invitation style the perfect choice for an elegant or dramatic wedding.
  • Moody Colors
    Jewel tones will not only be popular in d cor and floral arrangements for 2018 weddings, but in the invitations, too. Mix deep, rich colors like plum and navy with a touch of metallic for added visual texture — an excellent choice for the modern bohemian.
  • Unconventional Materials:
    Think outside the paper box and incorporate materials like leaves, lace, doilies and peacock feathers in your invitations.


Best Wedding Flower Arrangements for 2018

Flowers are the embodiment of romance and love, from their delicate, soft feel to their sweet, subtle fragrance – a wedding might not feel complete without them. Just like love, flowers need nourishment to bloom, and with proper care, they promise to bloom again after their winter sleep.
Such symbolism makes for timeless wedding decor. Lots of green, lush floral displays are here to stay as wedding must-haves. Here are some additional growing floral trends you can expect to see in 2018, and perhaps for years to come:

  • Flower Walls
    Why place flowers in vases when you can create magical flower walls? Flower walls might stretch the budget a bit, but they certainly make jaw-dropping displays.
  • Moss Walls
    Like flower walls, moss walls can be custom-designed to inspire awe. Adorn them with lights or signs to make them extra special.

using moss walls at weddings

  • Watery Displays
    Water looks elegant and beautiful under a chandelier or in sunlight. Submerge blooms in cylindrical vases of water, or place petals in vintage water-filled bowls.
  • Hanging Arrangements
    What could look more stunning than flowers dripping from a ceiling? To create a forest-like look, hang strands of flowers from the ceiling or wall, or arrange flowers in clear hanging globes.
  • Flowers and Fruit
    Create arrangements using plants, flowers and fruits – like pomegranates or figs – for a look that's lush and representative of nature's riches.
  • Garlands
    Garlands make lovely additions to chairs, tables, banisters or anywhere else that needs texture and a touch of green.
  • Floral Arch
    Who wouldn't want to tie the knot underneath colorful, fragrant blooms? A floral arch decorated with your favorite flowers also makes a memorable wedding focal point.
  • Petal Confetti
    Instead of containing petals in vases or bowls, sprinkle them around the venue to spread the love.


The Sweetest Wedding Cake Trends for 2018

A great wedding cake tastes as good as it looks and captures the essence of the celebration. When it comes time to choose your cake, look to your wedding style for inspiration. Here are popular wedding cake styles you can expect to see in 2018:

  • Semi-Naked Cake
    Naked cakes have been popular for a few years, but the trend of 2018 is to go half-naked instead. A naked cake is left without an outer layer of frosting to show off all the tasty layers and fillings inside. A semi-naked cake, on the other hand, has a thin layer of frosting to prevent the cake from drying out.
  • Donut Tower or Wall
    Although it's not cake, donut-lovers will rejoice in 2018, as these rounded treats are taking over at weddings. You can serve various flavors and colors on colorful tiered trays, or create a scrumptious art display with a donut wall.
  • Drip Cake
    As one of the hottest cake trends for 2018, drip cakes are mouth-wateringly gorgeous. These cakes are covered with a sweet topping, such as caramel or a fruit sauce. You can garnish a drip cake with flowers, fruit or other dessert accents for a luscious treat that looks as if it were from a dream.

marble wedding cake

  • Marble Cake
    Along with the popularity of marble d cor, marble wedding cakes are stealing the show. These cakes give simple, elegant beauty to the dessert table with their swirls of chocolate and vanilla.
  • Geode Cake
    In response to the popularity of geode jewelry, the trend of geode wedding cakes arose. A geode cake would look fittingly mystical in a bohemian style wedding, or could be the cake of choice for any couple who loves the mesmerizing depth of geodes.
  • Black Cake
    Surprise guests with an elegant, mysterious and irresistible black wedding cake.
  • Hand-Painted Cake
    You can choose any design for a hand-painted cake, whether it's a picture of cascading flowers or a handwritten love poem. A hand-painted cake is a masterpiece guests will surely remember.
  • Cakes With 3D Elements
    In 2018, a lot of wedding cakes will be rich with flavor and 3D textures. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating a modern wedding cake. From frosting that looks like lace to edible gold foil, you can let your imagination soar.
  • Cake Table
    A cake table is a 2018 trend that's all about variety. Instead of having one large wedding cake, a cake table offers an array of smaller cakes with assorted styles and flavors.


The Most Striking 2018 Wedding Gowns

Of course, you're probably wondering what dress you'll wear on your wedding day. Where do you even begin? There are so many styles, colors and details to consider – and that's what we are here for.
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